Financial Information


DI Gasell In 2012 Elvenite AB was nominated for Gasell-företag in Värmland county. An award for inspiring, fast-growing innovators we’re proud of!



We are a credit worthy company according to Soliditet’s rating system. This badge is generated from their database and is always up to date.

The trademark elvenite

Elvenite’s trademark graphically consists of our registered logotype and a symbol – the heart. Our trademark is also our employees, our clients and our offer of performing services in the borderlands of IT and business development. Visit our Press site for more information and downloadable logotypes. 

Facts about Elvenite

  • Employees: 22
  • 556729-7956
  • Registered: 2007
  • F-skatt: Registered
  • Corporate form: Limited company
  • Owner condition: Private, not openly traded
  • More info at