Manufacturing Industry

Business Development for Manufacturers

In the manufacturing industry, efficiency is the key to profitability. To become efficient, having a complete view of your processes and the ability to make informed as well as strategic decisions is critical to move your business forward. At Elvenite, we have long experience of working with business development at manufacturing companies and we know what to do to improve your business. Do you strive towards being a more efficient and profitable business?


Elvenite’s collective knowledge helps you streamline

Over the years, we have developed and customized many solutions that have helped our clients evolve their businesses in different ways.

Throughout the years we have developed and customised many solutions, which have helped our clients in effectively evolving their businesses in many ways.

  • Integration of the ERP and Supply Chain tools
  • Data warehouses and reports for analysis of customer profitability, logistics, delivery security and sales
  • Applications for an overview of the current production status
  • Traceability solutions in data warehouses

Our clients

We have a wide range of manufacturers as clients. Every one of them has their own unique challenges that we embrace with enthusiasm. Examples of the fields our clients operate in are:

  • Cabling in the automotive industry
  • Plate products
  • Dermatological products
  • Mining equipment
  • Industrial and vehicle springs
  • Steel doors
  • Environmentally friendly metal production and materials
  • Components for subsea production
  • Casual clothing